How can I place an order?
You can place an order through our website, Android, or iOS app. Simply register as a new user or link your Facebook account. Once your account is setup with your payment information, enter your delivery address and you’re ready to order from any chef in your area.
A bill, Homemade Food Operation Act (AB 626), passed in our favor and has been enacted as of January 2019. This means California home cooks can now legally cook and sell their dishes on our platform.
Before any chef joins the DineBox team, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation and background check. Additionally, our team conducts several food taste tests to ensure each dish meets safety and health standards. We can assure users that every chef will serve you a dish that will delight your appetite.
All of our certified chefs can cook virtually anything you crave even outside of existing choices. It’s almost as if you have a private chef at your fingertips. These dishes can be for kids, professionals, athletes, students, adults, and more. Our chefs will ensure you that your taste buds will be satisfied with creative ethnic cuisines, fusion food, and even dietarily restricted dishes. We strive to make your culinary experience like no other food experience.
Unlock exclusive content and prizes with your hard-earned points. As you order more dishes, redeem your points for potential rewards like invitations to exclusive food groups and private culinary tours, access to secret recipes, rewards such as limited edition goodies, and more.
Thank you for expressing your interest. Please visit our Become a Chef page. (chefregister). If you want to be part of the change and make a difference by being a driver, please contact us.